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The Copa Miami Columbus Day Tournament is a thrilling youth soccer event that takes place in the sunny and vibrant South Florida. Held annually on Columbus Day, this tournament brings together talented young soccer players from across the region for a weekend of intense competition and camaraderie.


Set against the backdrop of palm trees and warm sunshine, the Copa Miami tournament offers an exceptional soccer experience. Teams showcase their skills and teamwork on pristine fields, cheered on by passionate spectators and dedicated coaches.

With divisions catering to various age groups and skill levels, the tournament provides an inclusive and competitive platform for aspiring soccer stars. Teams battle it out for glory, displaying their agility, strategy, and sportsmanship throughout the matches.

Beyond the intense action on the field, participants and their families can explore the vibrant city of Miami, enjoying its renowned beaches, cultural attractions, and diverse cuisine. The Copa Miami Columbus Day Tournament is an exciting celebration of youth soccer, fostering talent, friendship, and unforgettable memories in the heart of South Florida.

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Field 1 

Field 4 

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Field 1 

Field 3

Field 2

Field 4





 1 & 2 

Field 2

Field 3

Brian Piccolo Park

11V11 Fields

7v7 Fields

9v9 Fields

Miramar Regional Park

Field Layout

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REF FEES $30 per team

REF FEES $60 per team

REF FEES $70 per team

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Brian Piccolo Park and Miramar Regional Park are county parks and require an entrance fee of $1.50 per person on weekends and holidays.

Check in will be prior to every match. Teams must present an official roster with participating players and player passes for every game. No roster = no exceptions. 

Referee fees are not included in the tournament entry fee. Referees are paid prior to each game in the event. The referee fees are:

  • *7v7 = $30 per game, per team

  • *9v9 = $60 per game, per team 

  • *11v11 = $70 per game. per team

For any questions please contact 

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